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Western Pictures - LAGERABVERKAUF

Western Pictures - LAGERABVERKAUF

Western Pictures - LAGERABVERKAUF


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Komponist / Arrangeur: Vlak, Kees
Schwierigkeitsstufe: O


A group of European pioneers are dwelling through the Far West, looking for the eldorado called ' El Rancho Grande'. On their way they have to overcome a lot of dangers and difficulties. The morning mist hides the hostile country. The horses gallop towards the horizon, passing through terrifying canyons. The pioneers see the coyotes waiting for their prey, though at first sight they seem to play...! Finally they reach the border of 'El Rancho Grande' and you can hear the cries of joy and hope in a long anacrusis. The band now plays the main theme. The horsemen are riding towards their destiny and spur their horses.


Ausgabe für Blasorchester